Kurucu Ortak

Hello. Born in1972, I studied Metallurgical and Materials Science and then earned my MBA in 1997, followed by 20 years experience in two global financial institutions, Citi and HSBC, as a corporate client coverage banker. Being a father of two who are at the early years of childhood, I decided it was important to share more time with my young family, so I left my professional banking career at the end of 2016 to follow a dream and establish my own business. 

As adults, most of us are aware of the strategic importance of nutrition in our lives. Our bodys performance and functions are influenced heavily by what we put into our body, and diet is a key component. Knowing the whys and hows of nutrition is a good start - in fact, it is the foundation of a sustainable, healthy diet and life. This is even more important for our kids, especially when nowadays a lot of their activity is "less social and more static". Also, considering that our children are bang in the middle of their growth & development stage, they have the right to be coached first hand to acquire the knowledge they need (because, realistically, parents will never be able to police them 24/7!). 

Everybody deserves better...but our children deserve the best!

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